Current Mini-Games

—————Current mini-games———————-

1. Kit PvP

PvP (Player vs Player) Our PvP arena is a different style of PvP map basically there are different floating islands to get to the first two there are bridges there are also jump pads which are the only way to get to the other islands after the first two. Tip:Once you’ve stepped on the pressure plate from the jump pads wait about half a second and then jump to make sure the jump boost has engaged.

2. Biome parkour

Our parkour is still a WIP (work in progress) currently we have four parkour maps mushroom, forest, ice and aqua parkour maps.

3. Spleef

Spleef is basically where players will use shovels to break some kind of material that can break instantly and the overall goal is to break the blocks underneath the other players.


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